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You will achieve real and tangible results: Patients, Growth, Profit, Self-improvement and Success.

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Join 350+ Fast Growing Practice Owners

Practice Growth Isn't Rocket Science.

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We Help Practice Owners At Every Stage Of The Journey Who Are Searching For Income & Freedom

Since starting in early 2019, the program has served over 350 Practice Owners who want to spend less time working on their practice growth strategy and more time being fully booked. We help them to deploy our 3-step-system and become fully booked in an average 57-days.

Become The Practice Owner You Always Aspired To Be

You'll use the exact A-Z actionable guides that we implement every day to systemize & grow 100s of practices, from software guides to marketing strategy, from systems & SOP to patient enrolment processes, and from hiring to time management.

Develop the Systems You Need to Get Your Practice to The Level You Dream of

The secret sauce to our results is simple. We have created a system out of growing practices. After working with 350+ of them and averaging $150,000 in added yearly revenue in 12 weeks. We know a thing or two... Our highly trained team will help you implement our systems and processes and we guarantee your practice will grow... Substantially.

How It Works

Less Talking, More Action.

1. Acquisition

We provide you with highly actionable & proven strategies to quickly increase patient bookings & profit, so you have the resources you need to invest in your practice growth for the long term.

2. Ascension

Now that you can breathe a bit, we analyze your practice and give you an A-Z actionable guide to systemize & automate everything, from software guides to marketing strategy, practice systems & SOP to patient enrolment processes, and from hiring to time management.

3. Retention

We invite you to 16 weeks of intense small-group coaching, in our exclusive online community, which many clients regard as the best part of the program! Then, James and our expert team will help you implement our Booked Out Practice Training Program and answer your questions LIVE, give you accountability and provide you with bespoke advice for your situation.

4. Scale

Profit is fuel for your practice. That's why we count it twice. Once you have gone full circle in our system we double down on your profitable growth and help you to redefine and stretch your goals, and give you the roadmap and step-by-step frameworks for you to reach them.

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'Practice Launch'

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'Booked Out Practice'

Our Flagship Program

  • Leverage Proven Strategy
  • ​ Book Out Your Practice 
  • ​ Double Your Profit
  • Implement Success Frameworks
  • ​ Making $5,000 - $30,000 Per Month
Limited Time 0% Financing Available

'Legacy Practice'

Our Advanced Level Program

('Booked Out Practice' Graduates ONLY)

  • Dominate Your Industry
  • Fire Yourself From Your Practice
  • ​ Build Your Team Wisely 
  • ​ Making $30,000+ Per Month

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